The name Tim Chung recently caused quite a stir on the internet.

You may have seen him simmering in the background when paparazzi shots of the Kardashian family surfaced online. Ever since Kylie Jenner gave birth to Stormi Webster, Chung’s visible appearance has increase substantially. His relationship status remains unclear for now, but here are 10 random fun facts about this hot hunk:

1. He is Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard

Source: Kylie Ken Dolls

Besides Kylie, Chung has also worked with multiple members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, including Kendall, Kim, Kourtney, and their kids.


2. People assume he is Stormi’s baby daddy but that’s just a rumour

Source: Instagram

Fans have been leaving thirsty comments on his photos asking, “If u are not stormy’s daddy can u be my daddy?

3. He works as an LAPD cop

He looks great in uniform doesn’t he? Need him to arrest anyone?

4. Chung is also a part-time model

This handsome Asian does not have a bad angle!

5. He has 5 sisters

In conjunction with last year’s National Sibling Day, he wrote, “Growing up with 5 sisters was quite the adventure! They’ve grown up to be amazing beautiful women. Love you guys to pieces! ❤️.”

6. He plays basketball

According to the LAPD basketball roster, Chung is player for the LAPD Blue.

7. There are numerous desert photo shoots on his Instagram account

8. He’s a dog lover

9. And he’s fond of kids

10. The internet describes him as a spornosexual

Derived from the words “sports”, “porn” and “metrosexual”, a spornosexual man is “concerned with personal appearance, and places emphasis on having a fit and toned body”.

Now that we know his occupation as a police officer, a model AND a bodyguard, we curious… Where does he find time to do it all?

Source: Seventeen.

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