Avengers: Infinity War” has been breaking records left and right since its worldwide debut. Assembling the right cast for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no easy feat for the executives at Marvel Studios.

Since Marvel kicked off its superhero movies back in 2008, the studio has become the biggest and most successful franchise ever. Much of its success is owned to the amazing actors we’ve grown to love. In a slightly different universe, the MCU could have look very different. We’ve listed down 15 famous stars that almost got cast as MCU heroes and villains.

1. Sam Rockwell as Iron Man

Source: Marvel

2. Alexander Skarsgård as Thor

Source: Disney

3. John Krasinski as Captain America

Source: QuirkyByte

4. Emily Blunt as Black Widow

Source: Google Images

5. Joaquin Phoenix as The Hulk


6. Jensen Ackles as Hawkeye

Source: Google Images

7. Josh Hartnett as Loki

Source: Ultimate Comic Con

8. Timothée Chalamet as Spider-Man

Source: GQ/ Entertainment Weekly

9. Ryan Gosling as Doctor Strange

Source: Marvel

10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Star Lord/ Ant-Man

11. Olivia Wilde as Gamora

Source: CBR

12. Jason Momoa as Drax

Hollywood Stars Avengers
Source: 9Gag

13. Rachel Mcadams as Pepper Potts 

Source: Marvel Wiki

14. Jessica Chastain as The Wasp 

Source: Google Images

15. Mads Mikkelson as Malekith the Accursed

Hollywood Stars Avengers
Source: CBR

Sources: 9 Gag, CBR.

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