Inspirits, we have bad news for you 🙁

INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu has confirmed that he’ll be enlisting in the military on 14th May – which is next Monday. He shocked fans with the news today (7th May) at his solo concert. Understandably, fans are taken aback as the announcement came out of nowhere.

Source: Infinite France

A source from Woollim Entertainment confirmed the news, revealing that Sunggyu has received his military enlistment notice. The 29-year-old singer will be admitted to the 22nd Infantry Division.


At his concert, the idol also told fans that member Sungyeol suggested for all of the members to enlist together next year. However, he shot down the idea as he wanted the others to have time for their individual activities.

His label also wanted to inform fans one day before his enlistment, but Sunggyu chose to announce it in his concert.

It is not known if Sunggyu will be having any additional activities in the week before his enlistment due to the limited time frame.

Source: INFINITE Info

The vocalist will be the first from INFINITE to go for his mandatory conscription. This will be followed by Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong.

All the best, Sunggyu!


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