Local bubble tea chain, Tealive will be coming to India very soon, marking Malaysia’s first bubble tea brand to enter the Indian market.

Chief Executive Officer of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, Bryan Loo – owner of the famous brand – is aiming to open 140 branches of Tealive in three cities in India, including New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore in the next five years.

Loo has appointed World Iconic Brands Hospitality Pvt Ltd (WIB), a specialised franchise development company in India which largely owned by Franchise India. WIB is also Asia’s largest integrated franchise service company.

For the first year of operation in India, we aim to open 15 branches, with the first branch to be opened by August,” Loo said at the signing of master franchise agreement between Loob Holding and WIB, as quoted by New Straits Times.

We chose the best collaborating partner, as WIB is owned by Indian Franchise that has a record in the franchise business for over two decades,” he continued.

According to Loo, India is the second overseas market that the company has explored after Vietnam, which now has five branches and aims to open 25 more branches by the end of this year.

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✨ Chúng tôi là một thương hiệu trà sữa đến từ đất nước Malaysia đầy nắng rất hứng khởi được để lại dấu ấn ở Việt Nam. ☀️☀️☀️ 🌈🌈 Với hơn 40 loại đồ uống tuyệt vời trong thực đơn, Tealive mong muốn được đồng hành cùng bạn trong suốt những ngày dài làm việc và học tập – Góp phần mang tiếng cười và sự niềm nở trong cách thức phục vụ với hy vọng sẽ mang đến cho bạn thật nhiều nguồn cảm hứng và năng lượng tinh thần !!⚡️⚡️⚡️ 💜💜 Hãy tìm cho chính bạn những khoảnh khắc đột phá cùng Tealive nhé!😎😎 #Tealivevietnam#breakthrough #tealiveasia

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Apart from Vietnam and India, we will also open a branch in Melbourne, Australia next month,” he said.

There are currently a total of 175 Tealive branches in Malaysia.

Source: NST / Featured Image: Tealive’s Facebook.

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