Are you a fan of mystery and comedy? If your answer is yes to both, then boy, do we have an exciting new show to introduce to you. Meet Netflix’s new original series, “Busted!”.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen on television as “Busted!” features some of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry. So what is “Busted!” about? In short, it’s a crime-solving Korean variety show where its cast members are required to put on their detective hats and uncover mysterious incidents.

Having watched a couple of the episodes before its released date, we can attest that “Busted!” looks promising. Here are 7 reasons why you should tune in to this Netflix show:


1. Variety meets Mystery! The first Korean variety on Netflix

Source: Netflix

Powered by Netflix, “Busted!” is the video-streaming platform’s first-ever Korean original variety program. Through this internet platform, “Busted!” will be broadcast in 190 countries and 25 languages. As of last month, Netflix currently has 125 million subscribers worldwide.

2. Same same but different from “Running Man” and other K-variety shows

Source: Netflix

Since the executive producers are Cho Hyo-jin and Kim Joo-hyung, who are well-known for their amazing work with “Running Man”, comparisons to “Busted!” will be inevitable. The majority of the “Running Man” production team were recruited for “Busted!”, therefore they already had a systematic method in bringing this brand new format to live. Fans might get a similar “look” and “feel” to “Running Man” but that’s about it.

The format itself is very different. Thanks to Netflix, pre-production was much easier this time around. Each episode for “Busted!” was like a special “Running Man” episode, where there were 200-300 staffs and over 100 cameras on location. “The scale of this show is probably the largest variety show made in Korea so far,” said Kim Joo-hyung.

3. “Busted!” is unscripted and each episode is situational

Source: Netflix

I wanted to do a variety show with a unique format. Wouldn’t it be fun if the cast solved mysteries in a realistic virtual world? I thought that the audience would be able to identify themselves with these bumbling detectives unraveling cases,” Cho Hyo-jin said in a statement.

Kim Joo-hyung added, “We tried to make a new variety show by adding dramatic elements and mystery-solving to an unscripted variety show. In particular, under the overlaying concept of ‘K’ organising a team of detectives and them solving cases, the secret about K also becomes a point that penetrates throughout the episodes. It will also be fun to watch with anticipation for twists on the cases or the identity of a suspect since it is a crime show.”

4. There are only 10 episodes

Source: Netflix

10 episodes is quite digestible isn’t it? 2 episodes will be released every Friday for 5 weeks. Each episode is linked like a series of a crime drama (where a shocking truth is revealed) and a major secret is uncovered at the end of the season.

An easily overlooked clue may be the starting point of an incident or can be helpful in solving a case. The story and tension will build up as the settings and cast members in the earlier episodes connect to the latter episodes,” Cho Hyo-jin commented.

5. The various exciting themes on “Busted!”

Source: Netflix

Depending on the concept of each episode, filming takes place in Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi Province, and Jeju Island.  Without giving too much away, diverse range of topics are explored throughout “Busted!”. Some of them include:

  • Forewarned murder
  • Treasure hunt
  • Vampire island
  • Magic show
  • Detective battle
  • Urban chase

6. Meet the 7 all-star detectives

Source: Netflix

“Busted!” features a mixture of entertainment show veterans from the Korean Wave. Both seasonal actors and popular K-pop idols make up the 7 awkward, yet adorable detectives on the show. The main cast includes Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo of “Running Man” fame, Park Min Young, Kim Jong Min, Ahn Jae Wook, gugudan’s Kim Se-jeong, and EXO’s Sehun.

Get to know these 7 all-stars in “Busted!” better here.

7. 56 special guests

Source: Dreamers

As if the main team of Korean stars wasn’t enough to draw you in, “Busted!” also has a total 56 special guest members portraying unpredictable characters in each episodes. Yoo Yeon Seok has already been confirmed as the first guest.

Other guests who have been spotted in the trailers are Park Hae Jin, Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo, Seo Kang Joon, Gong Myung, and Hong Jong Hyun. There have also been brief glimpse of Lee Jae Yong, Park Na Rae, and Kim Shin Young.

The special cast played a significant role in progressing the narrative. They strengthened the dramatic setting, which is a unique feature of ‘Busted!’ and added entertaining elements to the show,” said producer Chang Hyuk-jae.

Still need a little more convincing? Enjoy the trailer below:

“Busted!” debuts on Netflix 4th May.

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