Malaysian actor Henry Golding has the honour of becoming one of the guests at “The Ellen Show” alongside Contance Wu.

The two Asian actors were invited to the show to promote their latest all-Asian cast Hollywood movie, “Crazy Rich Asians”, based on Kevin Kwan’s novel of the same name.

During the show, Ellen showed several half-naked photos of Henry Golding as she needed to show her fans “his body of work” so that they can get to know him better – nicely played, Ellen!

Ellen seems quite impressed by the fact that “Crazy Rich Asians” is Golding’s first movie, to which Wu added, “He is such a natural. Because he’s just oozing charm. You just fall in love with him the second you see him on screen.”

When asked where he is originally from, Golding replied, “So I’m Iban. I’m half Malaysian, half British. My mother’s from East Malaysia, Sarawak.”


Wooh! So proud to have another Malaysian representative in Hollywood! Check out the full video as well as the official trailer for “Crazy Rich Asians”!

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