This is definitely not news we want to wake up to on a Monday morning.

B1A4’s contract expires today (Monday, 23rd April), and they have not renewed with their label WM Entertainment.

Source: Naver Post

The company confirmed this, stating, “As of their 7th anniversary today, it is true that they have not renewed their contracts yet.


The members had discussions with the company, but nothing solid has come out of it yet. They’ve, however, agreed to a 2-month extension to continue discussions for their contract renewals.

This means that their contract will effectively end in late June if no other deal is agreed on.

Not all hope is lost, though.

The members were reportedly spotted having discussions with other agencies, so even if they do not renew under WM Entertainment, they could possibly continue as B1A4 under another company.

Source: WM Entertainment

B1A4 made their debut in 2011 with their EP “Let’s Fly”. The group has produced hits such as “Baby Good Night”, “Tried To Walk”, “Lonely”, “Solo Day”, and “A Lie“. The members also have successful solo careers under their belt, with Baro dabbling in acting, CNU in musicals, Sandeul as a solo artiste, Gongchan in variety shows, and Jinyoung as a songwriter.

Will this be the disbandment of another K-pop group under the 7-year curse? We hope not.

Sources: Twitter (1) (2), soompi.

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