Plastic surgery rumours have surfaced after APINK’s Namjoo attended an economic conference with a completely unrecognisable face.

Fans and netizens expressed their shock, with most explaining that they wouldn’t know that it was Namjoo had she not been with her fellow APINK members.


The girl group attended the 2018 KOAFEC (Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation) ceremony on Friday (13th April), with Namjoo looking vastly different from her previous look.

This prompted plastic surgery rumours, with netizens speculating that she got a nose job.

APINK’s agency, Plan A Entertainment, has also issued a statement, although they might as well have not. Their statement simply reads, “We have nothing to say about it.”

Netizens are split on this issue, with some condemning her for it and the other half supporting her.

Those who were against it left hurtful comments, such as:

  • I’m an Apink fan and this breaks my heart. Namjoo’s beautiful without plastic surgery! Stupid agency… I think she got her nose and lips done.”
  • “Wow… Namjoo’s trying to hide her face. Other members don’t look happy either… They’re all forcing themselves to smile, I can see it… Geez”

Meanwhile, some fans were also supportive, as they explained that undergoing plastic surgery is no one’s business but her own’s. A comment read, “Her face, her choice. She’s beautiful how she chooses to be.”


Do you think Namjoo underwent plastic surgery? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Koreaboo.

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