A radio host has been accused of sexual harassment after stripping in front of pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS).

The interviewer not only ‘asked’ members of the band to help her undo her top, but urged them to remove their shirts too. Fans are spreading the video of the incident as proof that the boys were sexually harassed by the Italian interviewer.

Source: R101 Radio

The interview with radio station R101 started off innocent (albeit slightly awkward), with the interviewer asking questions about their music, lives, friendship, and future direction.


However, things went downhill when the host abruptly sat on Michael’s lap and asked him to ‘help her with the button’. Despite being surprised, he politely denied by saying, ‘I have a girlfriend, I can’t do this.’

Not one to give up, she flanked herself in front of Luke, who then removed the button reluctantly. She then took the boys by surprise by completely taking off her top, which understandably made them uncomfortable.

Just look at their faces.

As if she hasn’t done enough damage, she then urged the boys to remove their shirts and jackets. 2 of them did take off their jackets to be polite and for ‘moral support’, but it looked clear to us that all they wanted to do was get out of that place.

If that doesn’t constitute sexual harassment, we don’t know what does.

The full video is available for viewing here:


The radio station hasn’t issued any statement about the incident so far, nor has the interviewer in question step up to apologise.

All these has fueled the outrage of fans, who are angry at the disrespect the boys had to face. They’ve even managed to trend the hashtag #respect5sos on Twitter.

Fans have also started a petition to get the Italian interviewer fired, and we’re surprised that the offensive party has chose to remain silent thus far.

Towards the end of the video, Luke remarked that he ‘did not expect that’, but we certainly expect an apology from R101 radio or the interviewer.

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