Are there any fans of Kang Dong Won (강동원) in Malaysia?

Were you curious when IME Asia released a mysterious teaser yesterday (Tuesday, 27th March)? In the image (pictured below) were the date and time – 28.03.2018 and 1:18pm – with the message asking fans to stay tuned.

Many K-pop fans thought the time 1:18pm was in reference to 18-member boy group NCT (엔시티). Unfortunately for hopeful fans, their expectation was dashed. Kang Dong Won has been industry for more than a decade though. Long time K-drama fans will recognise the 37-year-old South Korean actor from movies such as “Temptation of Wolves”, “Violent Prosecutor” and “Master”.

In December last year, Kang Dong Won signed on to star in his first Hollywood film, “Tsunami LA” (with Simon West attached as the director). Before he heads to Los Angeles for production, the handsome actor will be holding a private fans session where only 100 lucky fans would be invited.

For more information, check out IME Asia’s Facebook page.

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