Yesterday (Monday, 19th March) marked a very special day for both Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin and Datuk Seri Khalid Mohamad Jiwa (Datuk K). The proud parents welcomed a baby girl into the world.

After trying for more than a decade and suffering a miscarriage in December 2015, the Malaysian singer finally gave birth to her first child at a medical centre in Kuala Lumpur yesterday morning at 8:17am. Word on the street has it that the hospital is Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur.

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InshaaAllah.. Saya Akan kongsikan pada masa yang sesuai ye..😍.. #Repost @rozisangdewi with @get_repost ・・・ Belum..belum..hehehehe. Tadi @ctdk ditemubual secara panggilan video di Melodi TV3, @meloditv3 maknanya beliau masih belum bersalin. Kepada para peminat @ctdk dan juga rakan-rakan media yang dihormati, jangan risau, sebagaimana beliau membuat pengumuman hamil secara ‘samarata’ , jika beliau selamat melahirkan nanti, pihak kami juga akan berbuat demikian. Kita bagi @ctdk, suami dan keluarga sedikit ruang dan kala tiba saat dan harinya, pasti khabar ini akan dikongsi bersama. Terima kasih kepada yang tak putus-putus bertanya khabar, mendoakan dan juga menghubungi, inshaAllah seperti yang saya tuliskan di atas, tiba saat dan harinya, selesai semua perkara, khabar ini akan dikongsikan jua. 😊❤️😍

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Siti and her baby are both doing well. The couple chose Monday to be the day of birth of their first child as Prophet Muhammad SAW was born on a Monday and it is also the first day of the Islamic month of Rejab. Siti and her husband would like to thank family members, friends, fans and media practitioners for their support and prayers from the beginning of the pregnancy until birth.” said Siti’s manager/sister-in-law Rozi Abdul Razak  in a press statement.

The little bundle of joy, who weighs 3.55kg, was delivered via caesarean section. As aforementioned, this is Siti Nurhaliza’s first baby while Datuk K already has four children from his first marriage. One of his sons – Asyraf Khalid – revealed that the new infant’s name starts with Siti but chose to leave it to the parents to unveil the full name.

Not long after the arrival of the baby was announced, a baby photo believed to be Siti Nurhaliza’s daughter leaked on social media. Datuk K has since confirmed that the baby girl in question is in fact his newborn.

Out of respect for the couple, we’ve blurred the photo pictured above.

Sources: Hangat, Astro.

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