Last December, news broke that Kendrick Lamar, will be working on a soundtrack for the much anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, “Black Panther”. Later, Lamar went on to say that he would be producing the entire soundtrack for the film. Which is of course, f**king awesome!

A few hours ago, Kendrick Lamar unveiled the full list of tracks that are included in the film’s OST titled “Black Panther: The Album”. On top of the previously released “All the Stars”, there are a whopping 13 more songs on the list.


Check out the complete list below:

Directed by Ryan Coogler, “Black Panther” would be the first comic book movie lead by a black actor in the new era of comic book movies (AKA Nolan’s “Batman Begins” and beyond).

The premiere screening that took place a couple of days ago saw an overwhelmingly positive response by celebrities and critics in attendance — some are even calling it the best Marvel movie to date. Mix that with what will most likely be a kickass OST by Kendrick Lamar and the “Black Panther” hype train is currently charging ahead at full speed!

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