As the generation of tech-savvy, we like to customise things according to our personal preferences. So why not do it with our mobile plan? This is where Yoodo comes in.

Malaysia’s latest mobile brand, Yoodo, is the first in the country to offer a customisable digital mobile service. What this means is that you can choose how much data, calls, and SMS you require each month, and pay only for that. Before you write it off as “just another new telco” in the market, consider these 7 benefits that Yoodo has to offer.

1. Fully customisable and transparent

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As aforementioned, you’ll have the ultimate choice and control over your mobile plan. Think the current combination sucks? You can upgrade or downgrade your package the following month at no hidden charges or fine print. With up to 1000 possible combinations, users can pick anywhere from as low as 2GB for RM20 a month, to 100GB of data for RM150 a month.

2. 100% online 

There are no physical stores, nor face-to-face customer service representatives. Hence, all activity and interaction will take place online through the mobile app. No more wasting time by queuing up. You can sign up and activate your SIM on the app itself. Rest assured that you can still keep your number if you switch to Yoodo. Plus, it’s free!

3. Yoodo will deliver its SIM directly

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Customers can order a free SIM via the app or web. You can opt for the free Standard Delivery (within 1 – 3 days) or Express Delivery (within 2 hours) with a surcharge of RM15 if you’re living in the Klang Valley. During the activation of SIM, users are required to use their IC or passport (for non-Malaysians) for facial recognition.

4. Ease of payment

The Yoodo plan is neither prepaid nor postpaid, as it is a hybrid of both. There is no need to keep reloading your number; just register a debit or credit card with Yoodo app and settle your payments there.

5. Universally available for all


The Yoodoo app works on any smartphone – Android, iOS devices, you name it!

6. Stay connected even when you’re overseas

Yoodo also offers a “Roam Like Home” add-on when you’re travelling outside of Malaysia. For only RM10/day, you can utilise your existing data, calls and SMS packages in 12 countries. They are India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, and Brunei.

7. Widest coverage and 4G/LTE

For those wondering what service does Yoodo runs on: as an “independent digital mobile service” Yoodo is own and operated by Celcom Axiata Berhad.

For more information, visit Yoodo’s official website.

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