Is Sunway University the most happening campus or what? Nicholas Tse Ting-fung (谢霆锋) was just spotted at the venue and word is spreading like wildfire.

Based on the photo posted on Sunway University’s Facebook just moments ago, it is believed that the other celebrity is David Rocco. For those of you that don’t know, Rocco (who is a Canadian celebrity chef) is currently collaborating with Tse for a project.

Source: Facebook

This is not the first pitstop in Malaysia that Tse and Rocco has stopped by this week though. Earlier on Wednesday (24th January), AsiaOne reported that the duo were visiting the famous Concubine Lane in Ipoh on Monday (22nd January). The Hong Kong superstar was seen eating local delicacies with Malaysian celebrity Datuk Redzua­wan Ismail, or better known as Chef Wan.


Reports claim that Tse and Rocco have been looking for inspiration for an upcoming culinary production. Slated to appear in the “Celebrity Chef: East vs West” cooking show, there will be a culinary showdown between Tse and Rocco. The dish will be determined by a local chef. This sounds interesting, no?

You can also check out the video from The Star here:

Source: AsiaOne.

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