That’s it Malaysia!

Your favourite band, The xx will be hitting Kuala Lumpur tomorrow and they’ll be playing what will surely be an incredible gig at the Malaysian International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) at approximately 9pm!

Not too long ago, The xx captivated so many people in Singapore and that gig even featured Sampha as the opening act. But tomorrow, they’ll be making their debut in Malaysia, with local psychedelic outfit, Pastel Lite opening for them.


Word on the street is that The xx will mainly be performing tracks from their newest studio album that was released last year, ‘I See You’ but you never know if they decide to surprise with a little throwback to the good old stuff that made a lot of us fall in love with them in the first place.

To commemorate their inaugural Malaysian gig, we asked a few Malaysians to pick their favourite The xx track!

Iman Nazri – Angel

My favourite track from The xx has to be ‘Angel’. It wasn’t the first The xx track I came across but till today, it probably is right up there as my favourite one. There’s almost an intimate, therapeutic feel to the track and it’s somewhat Oxymoronic in my eyes. Why? I can see the song giving me clarity for a number of things. But at the same time, I can also see the song being my anthem for cuddling!

Fiona Shum – Test Me

I have a few, but if I had to pick one, it would be ‘Test Me’. I love it because I feel it encapsulates the feeling of loving someone enough to stay and work things out, especially when things get rough and complicated – even as a friend or an acquaintance. I think that’s what it means to love someone – sacrifice. As humans, it’s easy to sometimes forget that and just be fixated on trivial aspects of disagreements or arguments. But Test Me delivers an important reminder in the most musically eloquent way possible.



Lishaanth Nair – Intro

How can I not pick ‘Intro‘. The xx has a legion of amazing tracks, but this one tops it for me. It was the first track I fell in love with, and the Kanye West remix is equally amazing. I do a lot of running and Intro is always there in my running playlist. You experience a certain type of transcendence when Intro kicks into your earphones, while you’re tying to complete a long-distance run on a Saturday morning. Oh, and it’s also a perfect track for those early morning drives to work!

Hanani Shukri – Infinity

It has got to be ‘Infinity’ from their 2009 album. I’ve carried that song with me everywhere I’ve gone for years now – from autorickshaw rides in Bangladesh to laid-back weekends in Bangsar to afternoon drives to the beach in Miri. So while the song in itself is amazing, it’s made even better by all the memories I’ve accumulated over the years, while having Infinity either playing in the background, or subconsciously lingering in my head. It one of my all-time personal favourites and I hope (however unlikely this may be) they play it at the gig in Kuala Lumpur!

Vigneswaran – I Dare You

There’s obviously a personal connotation attached to this, but my favourite The xx track is probably ‘I Dare You’. One look at the lyrics will give you an indication of what it’s about what also gets to me is just the music video. It features Milly Bobby Brown, who was a major hit in Stranger Things and also The xx playing for an empty crowd beside a swimming pool (like why what how?). And the fast-paced beats, coupled with clear, straightforward vocals with so much clarity in them – it’s enough to leave you staring into the distance every time this track plays in the background.

What is your favourite The xx track? Let us know in the comments section!

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