Would you like to meet Wu Chun (吴尊) up close and personal? You’re in luck cause the former member from Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit (飛輪海) will be in Kuala Lumpur soon.

How soon exactly? In less than a week, the 38-year-old star will be in 1 Utama Shopping Centre to promote his latest action film titled, “Guardians of the Tomb (谜巢)”. Mark your calendar fans, the date is 29th January 2018 (Monday).

Wu Chun


Directed by Kimble Rendall, the synopsis of “Guardians of the Tomb” reads:

A team of scientists has made the discovery of the century, which involves a well-preserved mummified Emperor from 200 BC China. However, this also brings about a 2000-year-old nightmare. They lose a colleague in an ancient labyrinth and are now fighting for their lives as they battle their way through a swarm of funnel web spiders that also happen to be man-eaters. They then discover the secret behind the spiders’ unusual intelligence and power.”

Wu Chun plays Luke in the upcoming adventure film. Filmed on the Gold Coast of Australia and in China’s Dunhuang and Beijing, filming for “Guardians of the Tomb” was completed within 3 months in 2015. However, post-production required another two years to refine the film.

According to actor, one of the most challenging aspect of this project was the daily make-up sessions. It required four to five hours to put on the special effects and another one-and-a-half hour to remove the make-up.

Wu Chun

The details to Wu Chun’s meet-and-greet at 1 Utama Shopping Mall are as follows:

  • Date: 29th January 2018 (Monday)
  • Time: 8pm 
  • Venue: LG Oval, 1 Utama 

Side note: The star will also be making his way to TGV cinemas at 9pm.


Originally slated for release on 25th January, “Guardians of the Tomb” has since been postponed to 1st February.

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