Rejoice fast food lovers, McDonald’s Malaysia is welcoming back the Prosperity Burger in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Last year, the fast food chain upped their game by upgrading McDonald’s classic Prosperity Burger to the Golden Prosperity Burger. The addition of a hot and crispy hash brown proved to be a natural pairing. Needless to say, it was a hit!

Prosperity Burger
Source: McDonald’s Malaysia

The Prosperity Burger makes a comeback with its familiar aromatic black pepper sauce, succulent chicken or juicy beef patty, and the slight crunch of onions, tucked in a sesame seed bun. Pair this with your favourite golden curls of Twister Fries and Prosperity McFizz and you’ve got yourself a yummilicious meal.


Are you salivating yet?

We also have our fingers crossed that some (if not all) of the previous Prosperity desserts will be reintroduced. They include the Red Bean Pie and Prosperity Blossom Cake (a marble cake consisting of golden and red velvet swirls topped with glazed mandarin orange slices).

For more info, visit McDonald’s Malaysia official website and Facebook page.

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