Princess-to-be Meghan Markle could have been the next Bond girl!

In the search for the next Bond girl, producers of the new ‘Bond’ movie was looking for a glamorous and sexy actress for the much coveted role. One of the shortlisted candidate was apparently Meghan Markle, who caught producers’ attention with her role as ‘Rachel Zane’ in the hit TV series, ‘Suits’.

Unfortunately, her romantic relationship with Prince Harry ruled her out of the picture.


“Meghan fits the role of a Bond girl perfectly. She’s glamorous and sexy and a good actress.” a source told The Sun UK.

Source: The Sun UK

“The role more recently has gone to actresses deemed to be rising stars, and Meghan certainly was seen as that before her relationship with Harry became public. The brief was to find a glamorous rising star, specifically someone American or Canadian.” 

“Her engagement effectively spelt an end to her acting career too so that was the final blow.”

We would have loved to see her rock the screen as the next Bond girl, but being married to Prince Harry surely trumps any on-screen role!

Source: The Sun

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