In recent years, it has become a trend for domestic supermarkets to reward their customers with freebies and discounts via membership cards. Not only is it a proven tactic to retain customers, but it’s also a win-win situation for both parties.

As each supermarket’s mechanism might vary from another, let’s take a look at the benefits you can obtain when shopping with either a Tesco, Aeon, or Aeon Big membership card.

1. Tesco Clubcard

Source: Tesco

For every RM1 spend at Tesco Malaysia, you will receive 1 Clubcard point. In an effort to get more consumers to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags, 10 Clubcard points are rewarded when you use the Tesco Recycle Green Bag. Those who are using another brand of reusable bag will still get 4 Clubcard points. 400 Clubcard points will earn you RM2 in exchanged.

Note: You won’t receive Clubcard points when you purchase cigarettes, mobile prepaid top-ups, gift cards etc. Registration for a Tesco Clubcard will cost RM10.

2. Aeon Member Card

Source: Bro Framestone

Every time you spend RM1 at Aeon, you will earn 1 point. You can also earn Aeon Member Rebates worth 3% – 5% when you shop at Aeon General Merchandise Store (GMS). Every 6 months, your rebates can converted to Aeon Gift Vouchers. You may redeem RM5 Aeon voucher with 800 points, RM10 Aeon voucher with 1500 points, or RM20 Aeon voucher with 2500 points.

Besides receiving exclusive rewards and discount vouchers during your birthday month, members can also enjoy free parking for the first 2 hours. An additional 100 Aeon member points will be given to you whenever you sign-up or renew your membership card.

3. Aeon Big Member Card

Just like Tesco and Aeon, you also earn 1 point for every RM1 spent. When you’ve accumulated up to 1000 points, you can redeem those points with a RM5 instant rebate. You can also earn an extra of 50 points when you shop using the Aeon Big recycle bag. On the 2nd Sunday and 28th of every months, Aeon Big members can also enjoy 5% discount on most products.


Note: You won’t receive Aeon Big points when you purchase cigarettes, mobile prepaid top-ups, gift cards etc. Registration for an Aeon Big Member Card is free.

Source: Beetify.

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