We all love a good pint of beer, and some of us may love it just a bit too much. Honestly, beer is better than most things in life. Beer is always there for you, beer will never cheat on you, and beer doesn’t complain when you spend 5 hours in H&M. Best part of all, good beer is easy to find.

Do you love beer more than anything else in the world? Do you feel like beer is the answer to everything? Let’s find out how deep your relationship is with beer:

  1. Your friends get scared whenever you ask them “What are you doing tonight?” 

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Every time you ask your friends if they have plans at night, they pause for a few seconds before replying you with a hesitant “Does this involve drinking beer? Cause we just drank yesterday.”

Okay, first of all, who said you can’t drink two nights in a row?

2. You know all the happy hour in town – by heart 

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It’s a Monday? You know where to get beer for RM5. It’s a Wednesday? You know where to get 5 mugs for RM55. You’re basically the encyclopaedia of happy hours. Not only that, when you walk into the bar, the bartender greets you by your name and asks why he hasn’t seen you in two days.

3. You don’t have a preference when it comes to beer 

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Tiger, Heineken, Guinness, Kilkenny – whatever, just bring it on. As long as it’s ice cold beer and you get your fix, you’re more than happy. Actually, you’ll even drink it warm.


4. However, you’re anal about how your beer is served

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

Although the type of beer doesn’t matter to you, you’re very particular about how your beer is served. It’s a Heineken? The bottom of the foam better be right in the middle of the red star. It’s a Guinness? I better get my little foamy dome on top of the glass, or I’m returning this.

5. You look forward to beer after you’ve had a bad day at work 

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I mean, lifting the cold glass and sipping the chill beer after a long, hectic day – what else can take your mind away from the fact that you screwed up your presentation today?

6. You need a beer because someone you like haven’t texted you back 

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I mean, the cold glass and chill beer. Strong emotions. Drowning sorrows. Yeah.

7. You need a beer because your cat died… 2 years ago 

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You see where I’m going with this right?

8. You think beer it more refreshing than water 

Source: Andrews Braddy

Come on, it’s a hot country. This needs no explanation.

9. When someone says “I’m buying beer tonight”, you reply with “marry me”

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It’s honestly the best gift you can give another human being. When someone says “I’m getting you another round,” you feel like you just met your soulmate – and you hear Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” playing in the background.

10. You hate it when people say “But it’s only Monday!” 

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What does that even mean? Where’s the logic in that? Where’s this rulebook that we did not get a copy of? Also, you don’t need that kind of negativity you life.

Do you have anything else to add to the list above? Tell us in the comments below.

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