Remember when we were kids and we couldn’t wait to be adults?

Yeah, what were we thinking? Being an adult seemed like the solution to everything at that point. There’s no school, no homework – just work, work, work and then you get a big fat paycheque at the end of the month.

The #adulting idea became more enticing in college, because you were literally this close to getting your dream job, buy your dream house, cruise around in your Beemer, and live happily ever after with your hard-earned freedom.


But now that we’re finally there, we’re not so sure what is it about being an adult that we coveted so much. Life seemed so much simpler back in university, with friends and late night suppers, monthly allowances and dorm parties.

Here are some things we all miss about life in uni:

  1. Remember when rent didn’t hurt your bank account? 

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It is not until you move out of your parents’ place that you realise how expensive it is to rent a place, especially if you live in the Klang Valley or Kuala Lumpur. Rent takes away a huge chunk of your salary whenever pay comes in, and you’re lying if you say that you have never considered just living on the streets.

Things were simpler back in uni, rent was either covered by PTPTN or by your parents, and it was the last concern on your mind.

2. Worrying about making Dean’s list, not making ends meet

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Our biggest worry during uni days was passing all our papers, not if we make our credit card payments this month. Sure, we all had our ‘broke’ days, but at least we knew we could still fall back on our parents. On top of rent, we have to pay toll on a daily basis, buy groceries, pay electric and internet bills, send the car for servicing, pay parking… the list goes on. Can we have a free shuttle to work like we did from our dorm to the auditorium?


3. Paying RM5 for a meal 

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I mean seriously, what happened to that? Every time we go out for lunch, we have to pay at least RM15 to get a decent meal, or probably even more if you work in a mall. That comes up to RM30 a day just for lunch and dinner!

4. Having 4 classes a week and plenty of free time 

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This was the best part of uni. We had classes for about 4 to 5 hours a day, and then spent the rest our time hitting the mamak or just sleeping in our dorms. You know what, this should be the modus operandi for the workplace too – we only work 3 days a week and get a 4-day long weekend!

5. Having the stamina to stay up all night 

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Remember when you were 21 and you stayed out to party till 5am and then still made it to your 9am class the next day without any hangover? You also probably bragged about it to all your classmates. When people around you warned you that you won’t be able to do this in 5 years time, your response was “challenge accepted”.

Yeah, how’s that going? Let me guess, you can barely keep your eyes open after 10pm on a Friday night now, right? Bring on the sweatpants, popcorn, and Netflix – we’re too old for Zouk already.

6. Having friends 

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Friends? What are those?

Back in uni, I remember always insisting on sitting next to my best friend, and then one day my teacher laughed and said that now matter how hard we tried, this friendship won’t last after college. It was very hurtful (yes, I’m super-sensitive), but we made a promise to prove our teacher wrong.

Fast forward to 8 years later – and I hate to say this – my teacher was right. We moved to different places after uni, got different jobs with different working hours, and while we do occasionally tag each other on memes on Facebook, we haven’t seen each other in years. It’s quite exhausting to make new friends too, because after a long day at work, you just can’t wait to get home, and then there’s your family and all that to attend to.

What are some of the things you miss a lot about uni? Let us know.

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