The prices for petrol and diesel may have gone down today (Thursday, 23rd November) but prior to this, it was on a constant hike.

Based on the rising cost affecting mostly the middle and lower income group, there is now a request for the government and petrol companies to bring back the RON92-grade petrol. For those that don’t remember, RON92 was discontinued in 2009 in favour for RON95.

RON92 Petrol
Source: The Borneo Post

Deputy president of Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations Yusof Abdul Rahman suggests that the reintroduction of RON92 could help to offset the rising cost of living. “RON92 could be used for vehicles with lower engine capacity, which mostly belong to those in the lower income group,” he was quoted as saying. This proposal was also brought up by then deputy finance minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan back in September 2013.


However, reintroducing RON92 may not be the best solution after all as most of the automotive industry has adjusted to the broad usage of RON95 as the minimum standard. “New cars are made for RON 95 and above. Going back will only create havoc to the industry,” said Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia president Datuk Khairul Annuar Abdul Aziz.

RON92 Petrol
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Having said that, the Finance Ministry has announced the government will intervene if fuel prices for RON95 and diesel exceed RM2.50 per litre for 3 consecutive months.

Sources: PaulTan, The Sun / Featured image: The Borneo Post.

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