When a Thai woman was abandoned by her Korean boyfriend, she threw their illegitimate newborn baby from the 17th floor of her apartment window in Pattaya.

Netchanok Nokyungtong admitted to the police that she had murdered her son after her 40-year-old lover, named Kim, left her to returned to his wife and family in South Korea. The 20-year-woman gave birth to her infant earlier on Tuesday afternoon (7th November).

Thai Mistress
Source: Viral Press

Not long after giving birth in her flat, Netchanok wrapped her son in a plastic bag and tossed him out her bedroom window. Sources claim that her boyfriend, identified as Kim, had initially tried to convinced her to get an abortion but she “unexpectedly” gave birth.


Miss Netchanok Nokyungtong gave birth in bathroom where blood was found on the floor. She said she was shocked and not ready for the birth. The boyfriend is a married foreigner from South Korea who did not want to stay with her. She was heartbroken because he returned to his family,” Colonel Apichai Khemphet, head of Pattaya Police, told local paper Chiangrai Times.

A horrified witness, who reportedly lives in the same building in the Banglamung district of the city, recalled that he saw a large object fall past his window and hit the pavement. After he went down to investigate, he was shocked to find a green plastic bag containing a dead baby with the umbilical cord still attached.

Thai Mistress
Source: Viral Press

Colonel Apichai added, ”This is a very brutal crime, the baby was born in a healthy condition and the mother did not have grief for what had happened. Her boyfriend had left and tried to tell her to abort the baby. She said she did not have money to support the child. She has also now been taken to hospital to be checked. But she will stay in police custody and be prosecuted.”

It was a difficult immoral decision. On one hand, she killed her own child. On the other, to raise the baby when she has no capability and no money…is not exactly a moral thing to do either. Either way, it’s cruel for the baby. Moral of the story: don’t have unprotected sex when you are not ready to raise a baby,” wrote Facebook user Tyler Chin Wei Sheng.


In Thailand, an expecting mother is only allowed to have abortion under the circumstances, namely “to save the life of women,” “to preserve physical health,” “to preserve mental health,” or in cases of “rape and incest.”

While many felt that the Thai mistress should bare the full blame, others suggest that the boyfriend Kim should also be held accountable.

Sources: Next Shark, All Kpop / Featured image: Viral Press.

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