In the day and age where it seems like so many people you know have been to Bali and experienced the usual “sights and sounds” e.g. Tahan Lot, Kuta beach, the rice terraces, Uluwatu Temple, Ubud, so on and so forth, you’d be hard-pressed to find out-of-the-ordinary things to do on the Indonesian island.

Even the whole private/luxury villas experience has be done over and over. And you’ve probably heard the same old story again and again. So if you think that Bali is overrated, that’s because you haven’t been told about Hideout Bali, an eco bamboo home that promises an “off-grid life” and of course, total relaxation.


Located in Selat, Bali, the unique eco stay is perfect for adventurous travellers as it is hidden in the mountains. The all-bamboo house is situated right next to a beautiful river, among rice fields. There, visitors will be able to escape the hustle and bustle of the “party island Bali” and touristy areas, and truly immerse in the authentic rustic Balinese village life. In fact, Hideout Bali promises total solitude as the nearest village is about 500 metres away.


Built and handcrafted in 2015 with the support of many local workers, the bamboo home welcomes long-time travellers, lovers of nature, spiritual-minded people, trekking-lovers, backpackers, artists, musicians, and eco-enthusiasts. Surrounded by lush greenery that’s pleasing to the eye, the 1-bedroom home has large windows that opens up to the beautiful vista.

*Pictures courtesy of Hideout Bali.

Hideout Bali promises to calm your senses, and allow you to soak in the good vibes and energy. If you love yoga, then this gem of a place will really compliment your spiritual journey and nourish your soul. Be warned though, the accommodation has no air-conditioning but thanks to it’s bamboo structure (bamboo is well-known for its temperature stability) and natural ventilation, there’s no need for that.

There’s also a bean bag and a hammock that visitors can lounge in to sing, write, meditate, chill, play board games, you name it. And doesn’t that bed motivate you to do absolutely nothing all day?


Oh, but be prepared to put your gadgets away as you may face poor Internet/data connection due to Hideout Bali’s location but hey, what’s an “off-grid experience” if there was high speed broadband of 4G/LTE eh? Psst! Pet-loving short stay tenants will also be pleased to know that Hideout Bali has residents catties and doggos to render you completely giddy with love 😉

Interested? Check out hideoutbali’s Instagram for more information or hit up their Airbnb listing to book.

Source: hideoutbali / Featured image: hideoutbali.

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