You Can Now Get A Variety Of Onigiri On AirAsia Flights For Only RM10 A Pop

Flying with AirAsia just got a lot more yummylicious!

AirAsia has launched a new inflight treat especially to gratify fans of yummy Japanese snacks. From now on, you can order Onigiri onboard all AirAsia Malaysia flights.

Source: AirAsia

The Onigiri is Japanese snack, a popular staple in Japanese convenience stores and restaurants worldwide, made from white rice formed into triangular or cylindrical shapes and often wrapped in nori.


AirAsia’s Onigiri menu comes with a wide selection of fillings – grilled salmon, salmon teriyaki, tuna mayo, smoked salmon, or vegetables – all stuffed in seasoned Japanese rice, wrapped in crispy seaweed and served with miso soup. Best part of all, the Onigiri can be purchased for only RM 10, and it will be available on all AirAsia Malaysia flights with the AK code, including AirAsia X Malaysia flights (D7) to all AirAsia destinations.

“Japanese food is known to the world over for its refined simplicity. Inspired by this, we made our new Onigiri snack a simple yet complete meal for all, regardless of age.” said AirAsia Group Chief Commercial Officer, Siegtraund Teh.

“It’s an incredibly versatile food that can be adapted to local tastes, and we are already working on other Asean-inspired fillings to create a unique experience for our guests who crave a healthy, delicious treat.” he added.

We sure can’t wait to try it! 😉