It’s all fun and games when trying out viral challenges; until someone gets hurt, or worst – dies. This is probably why you should give the “Skip Challenge” a pass.

“Skip Challenge” also known as the “pass out game” requires players to press a person’s chest hard until he or she is unconscious. Several netizens claim that this unsafe activity had been trending before. Although the hype died down, it looks like school students are picking it up again.

Skip Challenge
Source: Says via Facebook

As aforementioned, videos of teenagers performing the stunt have been making rounds on social media. In one of the clips, at least 3 students can be seen taking part in the “Skip Challenge”. 2 boys were filmed laughing while exerting enormous pressure towards their shirtless schoolmate. After a few seconds, he passed out but recovered moments later.


Neurologist Dr. Cempaka Thursina has condemned this game as it can result in seizures, brain damage, or even death. “If oxygen level in the brain is low for 2-3 minutes, the brain will be disturbed. For example, oxygen deficiency in the eyes can cause blindness. It is similar with other parts of the body in which the lack of oxygen supply can cause neural damages in those areas,” she said.

She added, “Skip challenge is a dangerous game. At the first challenge, they still can be conscious, but if they do it for multiple times, it can seriously affect their health. Therefore, it has to be stopped.”

Skip Challenge
Source: Says via Facebook

You can check out a few videos of young children attempting the “Skip Challenge” here.

A word of advice teens, don’t put your lives in jeopardy just to look cool in front of your friends. You may as well “skip” this challenge.

Source: FMT/ Featured image: Facebook.

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