Who would win in a fight between Andy Lau (刘德华) and Donnie Yen (甄子丹)?

Both men are already in their mid-50s, but the actors would still like to have a go at it. Lau said that he “really wanted to have one fight with Donnie” during a recent press conference at Guangzhou, China.

Andy Lau
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In their upcoming Hong Kong-Chinese action crime film, “Chasing the Dragon (追龍)”, Lau will reprise his role as the corrupt police officer Lee Rock. For the uninitiated, the 56-year-old actor previously played this character in the 1991 movie titled “To Be Number One”, 26 years ago. Meanwhile, Yen stars as gang boss Ng Sek-Ho, otherwise nicknamed “Crippled Ho”.


I was initially very nervous to play the same role that I did when I was younger. However, after looking at the storyline and Donnie’s character, I decided to take it,” Lau was quoted as saying. During the interview, the Chinese actor shared that Yen’s roles and impressive skills in previous martial art films had left lasting impression on him. He joked that if his body could still handle it, he’d gladly “fight” Yen one-on-one.

Andy Lau
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According to reports, Yen, 54, was initially reluctant to play the villainous character. Despite that, he eventually accepted the offer a few months later after being drawn by the challenges of the film. The martial arts superstar revealed that playing a bad guy was harder compared to his previous roles and would probably decline future villain roles.

Directed by Jason Kwan and Jing Wong, “Chasing the Dragon (追龍)” is a true story about a drug lord who snuck into British-ruled Hong Kong as an illegal immigrant during the 1960s. The movie follows Crippled Ho’s rise to power in the Triads as a drug kingpin and his collaboration with Chief Detective Sergeant, Lee Rock.

Watch the trailer here:

“Chasing the Dragon (追龍)” debuts in Malaysia on 28th September 2017.

Sources: Toggle, Bleeding Cool, First Showing/ Featured image: Facebook.

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