Oh yum! Another delectable Malaysia Day food promo? Yes please!

In the spirit of Malaysia Day, KFC joins all Malaysians in commemorating this month of unity with a locally inspired breakfast meal – the KFC Breakfast Sambal Rice Bowl.


Psst. We’re such big fans of the easy-to-eat bowl format (read: poke bowl) so this is exciting news for us!

A breakfast specially made for Malaysians, the KFC Breakfast Sambal Rice Bowl features a flavourful mix of Malaysian and KFC favourites – savoury Sambal, Colonel Rice, Zinger chunks, freshly diced cucumbers, and a sunny side-up egg – all in a bowl. It makes for the perfect start to your morning routine, offering a balanced and tasty meal, and also the perfect meal to help beat the morning rush!

And that’s not all. The KFC Breakfast Sambal Rice Bowl can be paired with the refreshing local favourite iced Milo 😉

From only RM5.90* for á la carte, KFC Breakfast Sambal Rice Bowl is the latest addition to the existing variety of KFC Breakfast menu offerings that consists of burgers, wraps, porridges, and rice platters.

The KFC Breakfast Sambal Rice Bowl is available at selected KFC Breakfast restaurants in Malaysia. Go get one!

*Price may vary by location.

For more information, hit up KFC’s website.

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