Last December, Netflix announced that “Luke Cage” will be getting a 2nd season. And now, we finally got our first look at Misty Knight’s (played by Simone Missick) tough new look.

In the image released by Entertainment Weekly, the daughter of the dragon is seen with a bionic arm, walking alongside Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter). In case you’ve forgotten, her arm was sliced off by the Hand villain Bakuto (played by Ramón Rodríguez) at the end of “The Defenders”.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

While it’s uncertain how she got the “upgrade” in the upcoming series, Misty’s bionic arm was designed by Tony Stark and Stark Industries after she lost the limb in a bombing in the comics. The arm grants her superhuman strength and a slew of other abilities involving energy blasts and gravity fields and even a nifty ability to control robots.


In other related news, Marvel recently announced that the 2nd season will feature 2 villains – Bushmaster (played by Mustafa Shakir) and Nightshade (played by Gabrielle Dennis). Bushmaster is a powerful crime boss, who first appeared in a 1977 issue of “Iron Fist”, and Nightshade, is a scientist with incredible intelligence who develops a serum that turns humans into obedient werewolves.

Source: Netflix

Marvel’s “Luke Cage” is set to return in 2018.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Game Spot / Featured image: Entertainment Weekly.

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