Han Seo Hee, the female trainee who was involved in T.O.P’s marijuana case, has finally shared her side of the story.

In an interview with K Star, she claimed that she did not offer the BIGBANG rapper marijuana. She explained, “He (T.O.P) offered it (marijuana) to me first. I never once forcefully persuaded him, and the liquid marijuana wasn’t even mine.”

Source: Koreaboo

According to Han, T.O.P took out the electronic cigarette from his pocket and she later found out that it contained marijuana. Han also said that T.O.P and his team put the blame on her because she isn’t a celebrity.


“Since I don’t have much to lose and that person (T.O.P) has a lot to lose, I think that’s why they pushed the blame on me. I thought I could understand that they would put the blame on me since I don’t have much to lose, and he had everything to lose. I thought it would be better to just stay silent and let it pass. People who wouldn’t believe me would never believe me anyway,” she continued.

Meanwhile, a rep from T.O.P’s side commented, “T.O.P did not appeal his sentence and is self-reflecting while waiting for the army to make a decision. We don’t know much about Han Seo Hee’s case and what she is saying.”

Source: NextShark

Previously, T.O.P admitted that he was dating Han when he smoked marijuana with her. However, he broke up with her shortly after that and stopped smoking marijuana. During his court hearing 2 months ago, the idol’s lawyer stated that he was under mental distress and drunk when he “spontaneously decided to smoke” with his former girlfriend.

“T.O.P is deeply sorry for what he did and regrets it a lot. He did drink heavily and took Han Seo Hee up on her suggestion (to smoke) but he ended his relationship with Han Seo Hee and stopped smoking marijuana,” said the lawyer

The YG Entertainment rapper has been sentenced to 2 years of probation and a 10-month prison sentence if he violates the terms of his probation, while Han was sentenced to 4 years of probation and was fined about USD850.

Source: Weibo, Drama Fever

Han Seo Hee was famed for her appearance on singing variety show “The Birth Of A Great Star” in 2012. According to All Kpop, she was so popular that a fan club was formed before she made her official debut. She was rumoured to be debuting with a girl group last year, but no news has been heard since.

Police initially arrested her in March for marijuana usage. She admitted to the crime and brought up T.O.P’s name. The authorities examined her belongings and were able to prove that the 2 knew each other. This caused police to conduct investigations on T.O.P, who tested positive on a follicle drug test.

Sources: Soompi, Koreaboo.

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