Uh oh, it looks like Malaysia is still under hot water.

Following the recent error for printing the Indonesian flag upside-down on the Kuala Lumpur Southeast Asian (SEA) Games booklet, an Indonesian hacker group ExtremeCrew has decided to retaliate.

Malaysian Websites Hacked
Source: Lowyat

According to The Star, 27 Malaysian websites have been defaced by the hackers so far. From the affected sites, Indonesian news portal Suara.com reported that they were mostly private and business blogs. One such example is Malaysian based logistics delivery service Easyparcel.my (pictured above). In the image left by the hackers, the Jalur Gemilang was purposely turned upside-down.


Other hacked sites, including Be A Happy Millionaire, featured an image of the original SEA Games booklet with the message “Bendera Negaraku Bukanlah Mainan” (translation: “My national flag is not a play thing”). The Indonesian patriotic anthem, “Tanah Air Beta”, can also be heard playing in the background.

Shortly after the misprinted version of the Indonesian flag on page 80 of the booklet, netizens on social media unveiled additional mistakes found in the booklet. Apparently, the mix up of the Indonesian and Thailand flag was found on page 40. Word on the street has it that a Malaysian daily newspaper also made a similar blunder with the Indonesian flag colour.

If that’s not bad enough, a social media account named Basa Brunei took a snap shot showing the wrong Brunei flag displayed on digital board while the synchronised swimming duet was taking place. Not to be confused between Brunei’s national flag and the Brunei Armed Forces flag, the extra red stripe in between the white and black stripe belongs to the Armed Forces flag.

Malaysian Websites Hacked
Source: Free Malaysia Today

Malaysian Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has personally met up with Indonesia’s counterpart to apologise for the error on page 80 of the booklet. It was reported that a new version of the souvenir booklet with the accurate Indonesian flag will be issued.

Sources: Lowyat.net, The Star, FMT/ Featured image: Easyparcel.

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