Thailand, famed for its beautiful islands, rich culture, and its busting capital, welcomes millions of international tourists every year. This year, the country is expected to receive almost 35 million tourists – nearly half the country’s population. Hence, it’s safe to say that tourism is a major economic factor in the country.

To accommodate tourists, Thailand is home to a variety of hotels, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, and budget hotels – a plentiful of options to cater to each individual’s liking. But nothing beats staying behind bars at Bangkok’s first prison-themed hostel.

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Inspired by the iconic 1994 prison escape movie “The Shawshank Redemption”, Sook Station is the brainchild of 55-year-old Sittichai Chaivoraprug and his wife, 49-year-old Piyanat Teekavanich. Inspired by a shared love of travel, the duo decided to venture into the hospitality industry after careers in the technology sector.


Sook Station (which actually means happiness station) is their first foray into the hospitality industry.

Source: Deanbangkok

Located in Bangkok’s Udom Suk neighbourhood, the hostel offer guests pin-striped pyjamas for 700 baht (RM90) and a wall with a height chart where they can have their mugshots taken. The 9-room hostel has narrow rooms, metal bars, bunk beds, and a light-out curfew, designed to give the look and feel of a real jail.

In fact, 2 of the rooms come complete with black-out doors and windows to create the feeling of being in solitary confinement, and showers are located on a caged-in rooftop. Not a fan of solitary confinement or claustrophobia? That’s alright. There are 7 rooms in Sook Station that come with a small balcony.

Source: Deanbangkok

Although the compound is secured with barbed wires, fret not, Sook Station is not as depressing you may think. The hostel comes with a few luxuries that inmates wouldn’t usually find in a jail such as free Wi-Fi, outdoor jacuzzi, parking, a relaxation lounge, and delicious food served at its restaurant.

As far as unique, themed accommodations go, this one’s definitely on our travel bucket list!

Check out the gallery below for more pictures of Sook Station:

Interested? The rates at Sook Station are between 790 to 1,630 baht (RM102 – RM210) a night. For more information, visit their website.

Source: Deanbangkok / Featured image: Deanbangkok.

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