Dato’ Seri Vida Plans To Get Her Own Channel On Tonton

Apart from her collaboration with Louis Vuitton (LV), Dato’ Seri Vida (real name Datuk Seri Dr Hasmiza Othman) is planning on getting her very own channel on local VOD streaming service tonton.

“I plan on having my very own DSV channel on tonton, but it is still in early planning because I want to give the best content to tonton viewers,” the Malaysian millionaire told The Hive at the launch of tonton in Brunei.

Source: The Hive

Meanwhile, her new lifestyle show, titled “Casa Mewah Dato’ Seri Vida”, will debut exclusively on tonton soon. The upcoming program aims to show viewers her Ipoh mansion, which consists of 10 rooms and 13 bathrooms. She will also reveal her exclusive furnishings and collections – be it cars, jewellery, antiques, and other luxurious items.


The cosmetics businesswoman explained, “Previously some fans have already seen my bags and shoe collection on other channels, but more exclusives will be featured on the show, so it will be very different.” 

Source: TV14

Besides that, Dato’ Seri Vida said that she will be shooting a 2nd music video for her viral single “I Am Me”. She also added that she had spent RM300,000 in Bangkok, Thailand on her costumes for the upcoming music video.

Sources: MMO, The Hive / Featured image: The Hive.