Following the recent ban of Spanish smash hit, “Despacito”, for its “sexually explicit” lyrics, Douglas Lim is calling for more songs to be banned in Malaysia.

Don’t believe us? The Malaysian comedian has even come up with a list of popular songs that should be pulled from local media. While most the tracks make sense, 1 in particular has got us scratching our heads.

Douglas Lim


Okay, “Despacito” has been banned because it contains sexual elements. That is good. Here’s a list of other songs that need to be banned also,” said Douglas. At the top of the list is Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” where the ginger singer recalls his sexual encounter with a lover on his bed. The lyrics reads: “Last night you were in my room/ And now my bedsheets smell like you“.

Meanwhile, he points out that Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” has nothing to do with hard labour. When the ladies are singing, “Let my body do the work“, it’s basically the woman seducing her man with her sexual appeal. Similarly, when Ariana Grande can’t even walk straight in “Side To Side” it’s because she had some pretty wild sex the night before.

Douglas Lim

Don’t be fooled kids, when Charlie Puth sings about “Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on“, he’s not referring to the iconic musician. In fact, the verse “It’s kama sutra show and tell” should give you a clear idea about Puth’s favourite position in bed. The stand-up comedian also added that there’s a “gay” word in “Marvin Gaye”. Lol!

Last but not least, the 5th track on his list is none other than our childhood song, “Rasa Sayang”. Apparently the word “jolokkan” in the lyric is suggestive. Wait what?! While Douglas is probably joking on that last bit, his video does shed light on the types of suggestive music that has been trending on the airwaves.

Watch the funny clip here:

So what your thoughts? Can you think of any other songs that should be banned?


Featured image: Douglas Lim.

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