#SDCC2017: “The Originals” Cast On Saying Goodbye; The CW Drops Season 5 Teaser

By now, you would’ve heard that The CW’s “The Originals” will be wrapping up in 2018. Fans are of course, devastated, what more with “The Vampire Diaries” (aka “the sister show” of “The Originals”) having just ended back in March 2017. But not all hope is lost. The cast will be back for one final season.

Over the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2017 weekend, the cast and the crew of “The Originals” came together to talk about saying goodbye.

Source: YouTube screenshot

“Ironically it’s a show about immortal vampires who could actually live forever. But you know, interestingly enough, this family has had such a long journey and when you’re dealing with that kind of dynamic, you do want to get a sense of peace and closure at some point,” creator Julie Plec said during an interview with SYFY WIRE.


“And it really just felt like after splitting them up at the end of last season, that making this entire season (season 5) about how to bring them home together again gives it a finale that it really has earned and deserves. While it’s sad to say goodbye, it feels good that we get to do it in a way that we can hold our heads high and really control the ending of the narrative,” Julie added.

In the emotional finale episode of “The Originals” season 4, the Mikaelsons split up in order to keep The Hollow from fully possessing Hope, effectively breaking their “always and forever” vow of sticking together as a family. So what can fans expect in season 5? Will the Mikaelsons find each other again? Julie confirmed that it will happen in stages over some time and they’ll be setting up a huge consequence attached to should any of them be in the same room together. “The idea that all 4 of them plus Hope in the same space is actually very apocalyptic,” Julie revealed.

Meanwhile, meet the grown-up Hope Mikaelson in the SDCC “The Originals” teaser video that will take you back to all the love, murder, and mayhem surrounding the Mikaelsons, but also gives a glimpse into future.


“The Originals” will return to The CW in 2018.

Sources: SYFY WYRE, The CW.