If this doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, we don’t know what else will.

Uploaded by the official Facebook page of the Kuala Lumpur 2017 SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games, the video features athletes from various races and walks of life preparing for the games, with focus on their struggles. It also highlights your every day Malaysians, be it the coaches, the cook at the local “mamak”, the “roti man” passing by, or the caring neighbour, coming together to help push our athletes towards victory.

Pain, love, tears, joy, but above all, unity. It truly does take a nation to raise a champion.


The 2017 Southeast Asian Games, officially known as the 29th Southeast Asian Games and commonly known as Kuala Lumpur 2017, is a Southeast Asian multi-sport event that will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 19th to 30th August 2017, with 405 events in 38 sports to be featured in the games.

This will be the 6th time Malaysia hosts the games and its first time since 2001.

For more information on the games, hit up the official website.

Source: Kuala Lumpur 2017.

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