Is Spider-Man gay? No, we don’t mean Tom Holland. We’re referring to the former Spider-Man actor, Andrew Garfield.

During a panel discussion about his performance for “Angels in America”, the 33-year-old British actor claimed to be “a gay man right now just without the physical act”. His comments soon sparked outrage both from the internet and LGBTQ community.

Andrew Garfield
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In his current London-based production, the Oscar nominee plays Prior Walter, a gay man battling AIDS in the 1980s. When asked about how he prepared for his gay-centric role, Garfield revealed that he would draw inspiration from watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race” with friends.


My only time off during rehearsals – every Sunday I would have 8 friends over and we would just watch Ru. This is my life outside of this play. I am a gay man right now just without the physical act – that’s all,” said Garfield.

He did however clarified, saying, “as far as I know, I am not a gay man. Maybe I’ll have an awakening later in my life, which I’m sure will be wonderful and I’ll get to explore that part of the garden. But right now I’m secluded to my area, which is wonderful as well”.

Andrew Garfield
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Since his comments made its way online, many thought that Garfield’s comments were insensitive to the struggles of gay people. “If only I’d known that watching ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ was the sole criteria of being gay,” sneered Colter Ruland.

Another wrote: “Andrew Garfield says he’s gay because he watches ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’. You know, like that kid who thinks he’s Asian because he watches Naruto“.

He did however, have some defenders. “Hi everyone, Andrew Garfield is an ally who said something a tiny bit silly about enjoying watching a very good programme that is very gay,” Caspar Salmon tweeted. To echo Salmon’s sentiments, Garfield has previously spoken out in support of same-sex marriage.

Andrew Garfield
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