One Malaysian man took men’s standards of beauty to the next level!

Inspired by “Final Fantasy 8” character Squall Leonheart’s handsome appearance, Amirul Rizwan Musa has spent RM200,000 on various plastic surgeries, including 2 done overseas.

Source: AsiaOne

In case you didn’t know, Squall Leonhart is the main protagonist of the 8th instalment of “Final Fantasy”. Squall is known for his handsome looks and has been a very popular choice among cosplayers worldwide.


The 21-year-old, who goes by the name of Miyyo RizOne on social media, told Harian Metro that he had gone under the knife since he began his modelling career on 2014. While he did not expect to go viral, he has received many hateful comments and criticism about his looks.

“I have received numerous calls and messages continuously from the public who just aim to curse me. Worse still, there are those who came to see me face-to-face just to insult me,” he said.

Before and after (Source: Astro Gempak)

Fortunately, he did not let the hate pull him down. Amirul now owns his own cosmetics company (MR Beauty Line Sdn Bhd) and thinks that the amount of publicity he received can help him promote his business.

“Even though I went viral due to all the wrong reasons, it does not affect my rice bowl as I am still offered acting roles and product endorsements”, he told the Malay daily.

Amirul is not the first person who got “some work” done to look like a fictional character. In another part of the world, mother-of-5 Nannette Hammond has spent over RM2.1 million to transform herself into a real-life Barbie doll.


Sources: AsiaOneHarian Metro / Featured image: AsiaOne, Miyyo RizOne’s Facebook page.

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