We’re trying not to scream because we’re so happy 😀

For those of you who have been quietly or not-so-quietly shipping Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo since “Descendants of the Sun” (태양의 후예) aired in 2016, you’d be pleased to know that the “Song-Song couple” are getting married in October!

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For real.


Their agencies, Blossom Entertainment and UAA just released a joint statement on behalf of the stars to confirm the news. Read their statement in full below:

“First, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to both Korean and international fans who have given their love and interest to Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. We ask for your understand for this sudden news.Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are planning to hold their marriage on October 31. The wedding does not only involve the individuals but also their families and because of this, we had to be careful about the situation. Until the wedding was confirmed, we had to be careful about the situation and now we are able to give our official position. We ask for everyone’s understanding. We ask for everyone’s blessing for the beautiful future of the two actors and the two will also share the news individually. Thank you. – Blossom Entertainment & UAA”

31-year-old Song Joong Ki (송중기) and 35-year-old Song Hye Kyo (송혜교) starred alongside each other in the record-breaking hit Korean drama, “Descendants of the Sun”. Song Joong Ki played Captain Yoo Si Jin aka Big Boss while Song Hye Kyo played Doctor Kang Mo-yeon. They have always denied that they were dating despite the chemistry that they displayed on-screen and the rumours surrounding their relationship.

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In fact, they were only very recently spotted on holiday in Bali, Indonesia together.

According to an episode of MBC’s “Section TV”, which did some “investigative journalism”, Song Hye Kyo was in Bali from 4th to 15th June while Song Joong Ki was there from 7th to 13th June, with 7 days overlapping on their schedules. MBC even dug up further evidence that the pair had stayed together based on the photos on Song Hye Kyo’s private Instagram and details from the Airbnb staff of where Song Hye Kyo supposedly stayed at.

Song Hye Kyo was previously asked about her plans for marriage, to which she replied, “I’m old enough to get married. But I see myself swaying. One day I’m like ‘I should marry someone soon’ and another day I’m like ‘Why get married? I’m a free-spirited individual. I can travel to all kinds of places without asking anyone’s permission. I can do whatever I want.’ But someday the day for marriage will eventually come.”

Welp, the day has come! And we can hardly contain our excitement. Altogether now, “IIIIII looooovvveee yyyooouuuu…”


UPDATE (5th July 2017, 8:56am):

Song Joong Ki’s parents have responded to the news! Korean media outlet Sports Seoul reached out to Song Joong Ki’s mother via a phone call and during the chat, Song Joong Ki’s mother reportedly said, “That’s good. I’m happy.”

Song Joong Ki’s father, on the other hand, was quoted as saying, “My son is getting married soon. It’s a shame that Song Hye Kyo is older than my son. But when a child seriously decides to do something, no parents can prevent them from doing it.”

Meanwhile, an acquaintance close to the Song-Song couple spoke to Korean media outlet OSEN exclusively, revealing more details of their relationship. The acquaintance was quoted as saying, “The truth is their love started before ‘Descendants of the Sun’ was aired. The filming began in 2015, so their love started then.”

“In the beginning of last year, Song Joong Ki secretly sent snacks to Song Hye Kyo while she was participating in a photo shoot. This was before ‘Descendants of the Sun’ aired and the staff members were confused as to why Song Joong Ki was there,” the acquaintance added.

Aww. We’re super excited for the Song-Song couple!

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Congratulations, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo 🙂

Sources: Koreaboo, akp (1), sportsseoul, akp (2) / Featured image: IMKPOP.

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