Aww, Taiwanese Mandopop star Jay Chou (周杰倫) and his wife Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) have welcomed their 2nd child.

The singer took to his Facebook page this morning (21st June 2017, Wednesday) to confirm the news.

Source: Jay Chou’s Facebook page

He shared a picture of 23-year-old Hannah, their daughter Hathaway, and their sleeping newborn in bed. Hannah can be seen lovingly kissing their son. In the caption, Jay Chou wrote, “Haha, jie jie’s (older sister) song ‘Lover From A Previous Life’ did not get nominated, so we will have to rely on mummy’s lover from a previous life to fight on her behalf. I probably won’t be able to attend the Golden Melody Awards. Thanks to all my fans for their concern. Watching the Golden Melody Awards from the confinement centre with mummy and child will be quite special.”


(Translation via The Straits Times)

His caption largely refers to the old school saying/belief that daughters are their fathers’ lovers from their past lives, therefore, the term “mummy’s lover from a previous life” refers to a son. His song, “Lover From A Previous Life“, wasn’t nominated at the Golden Melody Awards slated to be held on Saturday (24th June 2017), but he is nominated for 3 other awards: Best Mandopop Male Singer, Best Music Video for his song “Bedtime Story”, and Song Of The Year for “Love Confession“.

Source: Jay Chou’s Weibo

Neither Jay nor Hannah has revealed the name of their son, but that’s okay because we’re more obsessed with Jay’s loving yet silly caption. Congratulations, Jay and Hannah! 😉

Meanwhile, tickets for Jay Chou’s 2018 concert in Singapore will go on sale on 7th July 2017. More deets here.

Source: Jay Chou’s Facebook page / Featured image: Jay Chou’s Facebook page.

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