It’s official – Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou (周杰倫) is going to be a father soon!

After making his love life known to the public, the musician officially tied the knot with his 21-year-old model fiancée Hannah Quinlivan in England’s Selby Abbey on 17th Jan, a day before his 36th birthday. The pair then held another 2 weddings celebrations in Taiwan.

Jay Chou Circus Themed Taiwan Wedding


Quinlivan (whose father is an Australian) flew to Gold Coast, Australia with Jay Chou in March for their 3rd wedding celebration. At that time, she was rumoured to be pregnant when she was spotted shopping with her Taiwanese rock star husband.

In the photos posted online, Quinlivan appeared to have a mini bump around her mid-section. The fan who spotted her in Gold Coast said that her baby bump became more apparent when the wind blew her sun dress. However, some of the fans attempted to debunk the rumours by citing that the tight-fitting gown she wore during the wedding celebrations showed no “bump”.

While we remained sceptical about the report, Jay Chou broke the news on 3rd April (Friday) by announcing on his official Facebook page that his wife is currently pregnant with his child.

The 36-year-old singer posted a photo of himself posing with a ball under his shirt while standing next to his wife, who showed off her pregnancy bump in a matching basketball jersey. The photo was accompanied with a caption that read, “We’ll see who walks better with a ball,” which is a common Chinese phrase to describe pregnancy.

Jay Chou - Hannah Quinlivan - Pregnant

He also posted another photo that showed Quinlivan cradling her baby bump on a balcony.

It’s not surprising that Jay would become a parent so soon as the singer previously revealed that he wants to be a “loving, responsible man who cares for his family” in the future. He also noted that he wants to “have enough children to form a band”.

It is unclear when Quinlivan will give birth, but she is expected to be a mom by this year end.


Jay Chou's Wife Pregnant

Congrats, Jay and Hannah! We wish you two all the happiness in the world 😀

(Source: Asia One)

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