Anthony Neely is in the spotlight for his love affairs once again.

The “Sorry That I Loved You” singer is reportedly filing for divorce from his wife of 7 years, who is only known as ViVi. This was revealed by his management company.

Source: Kuwo

Although the divorce hasn’t been officiated, Anthony was spotted vacationing in San Francisco, America, with his rumoured new lover, Kris Kuan. Kuan is Anthony’s co-star on the musical “Qian Mian Er Nu (千面惡女)”.


During the trip, the singer also reportedly introduced Kris to his friends and they were seen hanging out together.

As for his divorce, a close friend explained that the couple hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet as they wanted their child to get used to the new lifestyle. Anthony also has no plans to disclose his new relationship to the public yet, at least until his divorce is formalised.

Source: Toggle

Anthony and Vivi’s romantic relationship was also shrouded in secrecy. He was already wedded to Vivi since 2010, but only revealed his relationship to the public via a video post in 2014.

Rumours about their separation surfaced when the press noticed that they were seldom spotted together. The baby-faced singer was also reportedly seen spending time alone with his 7-year-old daughter.

Source: Toggle.

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