SISTAR’s disbandment came as a huge blow to fans, as the group did not have any scandals or problems marring their careers. But don’t be too sad, STAR1s, the idol group has not dismissed any possibility of a future reunion.

While in an interview to talk about their impending disbandment, SISTAR answered questions frankly and reveal thoughts about their 7-year career as idol members.

Source: SISTAR’s Official Twitter

Bora revealed that the disbandment was a collective decision by the group, but they couldn’t help but feel sad about it. “However, we have lived for each other for 7 years, so we decided to now go down paths to focus more on our individual selves,” she explained.


The other members chimed in and explained that they did not disband because of discord among members or problems with the company. In their own words, “We are not disbanding because we are sure of our future plans. Even if we promoted for a few more years, we would have been stuck in the same difficult situation, so we mustered up courage to make this decision now. (…) We have happily worked together for 7 years, so we will now support each other on our individual paths. Age is not crucial when taking on a new challenge, but it’s impossible not to take it into consideration.

Source: SISTAR’s Facebook page

SISTAR also went down memory lane during the interview. They were asked about their happiest moment during promotions as SISTAR, to which Dasom chose their win on SBS’ “Inkigayo” with “So Cool” in 2011. “We cried a lot then because we were so happy being congratulated with seniors and juniors all watching. We first won with ‘How Dare You’ on ‘Music Bank’, but we didn’t get to receive that award on stage,” she explained.

Bora chimed in and said that her happiest moment was during their first concert in 2012. She also explained the concert in detail, saying, “The sounds of the audience, the weather, the air, I remember it all. It was a really busy time for us, but I was proud that we were able to finish it well. I felt an extraordinary emotion when all those fans were calling our names.

Source: SantaBanta

Of course, the inevitable reunion question was bound to crop up. They seemed ready to answer the question, with Dasom replying, “It can’t be promised, but I think we can reunite once someday. It’s not that we’re breaking up because we are on bad terms, and seeing our seniors reunite these days, it doesn’t seem impossible.

When asked if they will regret the decision to disband in the future, the girls collectively responded, “No matter what the decision is, there will always be regrets. It is disappointing, but as time passes, we are accepting the situation and trusting our decision.

Source: Santa Banta

SISTAR announced their disbandment on 23rd May and dropped their final track “Lonely” before bidding goodbye to fans for good. They also shared handwritten letters with fans to convey their sincerity and thankfulness.

It’s nice to see SISTAR go out with a bang. We’ll be supporting your individual endeavours! 🙂

Source: soompi.

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