The moment that all you wanderlusters have been waiting for has finally arrived.

According to Malaysia Freebies, starting 5th June (Monday) at midnight, low-cost carrier AirAsia will be giving out free seats to all domestic and international destinations from as low as RM0!


AirAsia also posted up a teaser on their Facebook page indicating that they have a surprise that they can’t wait to share. The airline is due to reveal the campaign a little later this afternoon.

From what we know, the booking period is from 5th to 11th June 2017, for the travel period of 4th January 2018 till 25th August 2018. As per usual, AirAsia BIG members will have first priority for online booking on 4th June (Sunday).

UPDATE (2nd June, 3:23pm):

It’s happening! AirAsia confirmed that they are indeed giving out free seats starting 4th June (Sunday) for AirAsia BIG members and 5th June (Monday) for the general public.

More details to come! For now, we’re ready to get a-clickin’! 😀

Sources: Malaysia Freebies, AirAsia.

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