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Suspected suicide bombers killed 3 Indonesian police officers and wounded 10 people in twin blasts near Jakarta’s Kampung Melayu terminal. The news comes barely a day after 22 concertgoers died in a senseless bombing incident at Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour in Manchester.

Source: AP

Among the 10 wounded, 5 were police and 5 were civilians. They are currently seeking medical care.


According to East Jakarta police chief Andry Wibowo, the blasts, caused by explosives packed into pressure cookers, went off minutes apart at around 9pm on Wednesday (24th May 2017). “From the damage I can see the explosions were pretty big,” he said.

The suspects were both male.

Al Jazeera quoted fruit seller Ardi Maulana as saying, “Initially I heard a loud bang I thought it was burst tyre. I saw many people gathered and taking pictures with their mobile phones. I approached them to find out what happened and I saw a severed arm on the street.”

This is not the first time that Indonesia has suffered attacks. In 2002, a violent Islamist group set off 3 bombs in Bali, Indonesia’s popular tourist island. The attack killed 202 people (including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians, and people from more than 20 other nationalities) and injured 209 others. Since 2011, terrorist attacks seemed to shift from targeting foreign Western interests and residents to attacking Indonesian police officers.

In January 2016, 4 militants killed 4 people in a gun and bomb assault in the heart of Jakarta.

Source: Reuters

More to come.

Sources: Al Jazeera, Reuters, Terrorism in Indonesia / Featured image: AP.

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