Yes, it’s true.

“Malacca” will be known as “Melaka” from now on.


According to the Melaka state government, the English spelling of Malacca will no longer be used in official state correspondence. Instead, they’ve decided that the name “Melaka” should be used instead.


Melaka state secretary Datuk Naim Abu Bakar said that all media outlets – either Bahasa Malaysia, English, or other languages – should use the name “Melaka” in writing or when mentioning the state their publications. “The move is intended to standardise the use of the name Melaka either in written or verbal forms, in all media, particularly the English media,” he said.

As at time of writing, Google still draws up “Malacca” results for the “Melaka” keyword.

What do you guys think of the change? Is it absolutely necessary?

Source: Bernama / Featured image:

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