Sumiko Iwamuro, also known as DJ Sumirock, is officially the coolest Obachan (granny in Japanese) in Japan!

The 82-year-old dumpling chef has become a sensation in the Tokyo club scene. According to various reports, she plays a monthly set at a Shinjuku club called DecaBarZ.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Iwamuro describes her style as “fundamentally techno” with elements of “jazz, French chanson and a bit of classical music”. She only started DJ-ing in her 70s and had spent a year at a local music school. Later, she was introduced to the club scene after meeting a French event producer. She also added that she fell in love with music because of her father, who was a jazz drummer.


When she’s not taking up the turntables, Iwamuro, who has been making gyoza (dumplings) for 60 years, and her brother runs a Chinese restaurant which they inherited from their father.

“In both (making gyoza and DJ-ing), results can be seen immediately. If the customer eats what you have made, it shows on his face if it is delicious; and if a DJ is good, everyone will dance happily,” she said.

Do what you love DJ Sumirock! We hope to see you spin in Malaysia one day 🙂

Sources: Mashable, Reuters, NY Times.

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