Lee Hae Ri is going solo!

After announcing her solo debut just a week ago, the 32-year-old singer dropped her pre-release track “Pattern” at noon today (Wednesday, 12th April).

Source: Davichi’s Facebook Page

The track will be included in her upcoming album “h”, which holds the dual concept – “BLACK h” and “WHITE h”. The song “Pattern” is said to be under the “BLACK h” concept and portrays a stronger and never-before-seen side of the Davichi member.


“Pattern” has also been described as a groovy medium-tempo song with beats you can dance along to. Pair this with Lee Hae Ri’s chic vocals and you get a solid track with a distinctive quality to it. It is produced by singer-songwriter Sunwoo Jung as well as producer realmeee, and fans have been promised a very different sound and style from what was offered by Davichi.

In contrast to their slower numbers, the music video for “Pattern” portrays Lee Hae Ri as a chic and sexy woman. We see her controlling a puppet, decorating a cake, playing a piano, and more while giving us a death stare. With her convincing acting, we can’t help but feel a shudder down our spine while watching the video.


Her album “h” will be released on 19th April. This will be accompanied by her title track which will be under the “WHITE h” concept.

For more info, visit Davichi’s Facebook page.

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