A video of an elephant, which allegedly died of electrocution, has surfaced online.

The incident was believed to have happened in Johor and was apparently caused by a hanging TNB overhead electric line.



In the 1-minute-30-second video, 3 men can be heard talking in a vehicle, with one of them commenting that they’ve found something unexpected. At around the 0:20 mark, the men started exclaiming loudly and a dead elephant was seen on the right of the vehicle.

After taking a selfie with the elephant, one of the men started explaining that the death was not TNB’s fault. In fact, it was believed that the elephant brushed against one of the broken transmission cables. According to Lowyat.NET forum user DDG_Ross, the particular cable then came in contact with a high tension cable, which caused the elephant to be electrocuted.

Sadly, the elephant was just at the wrong place at the wrong time 🙁

Source: Video Screenshot

Details are scarce as of now, but we’ll update this post as soon as we get ’em.

Source: Lowyat.NET Forum.

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