You guys, Ladybeard is back! Following his departure from Ladybaby last August, the Australian wrestler has teamed up with popular female bodybuilder Reika Saiki (才木玲佳) to form a new “kawaii” idol unit called Deadlift Lolita.

This means Kawaiicore has returned to the Japanese music scene. For the uninitiated, Kawaiicore is a crossover between bubblegum pop and heavy metal.

Deadlift Lolita
Source: Arama Japan

In a press release, Ladybeard’s label (Opalus Co.) said, “The pure destruction of Ladybeard’s screams joins forces with the charm and delicacy of Reika Seiki’s alto vocals to pump you up like never before! With a dance performance guaranteed to burn through the calories, you’re going to need your sports drink by the end of this show!”


On Monday (3rd April), the unlikely duo dropped the music video for their debut single, titled “Six Pack Twins”. The clip begins with Ladybeard and Saiki dancing energetically on set. After that, they are seen doing various workouts and wrestling with a dude with heavy eye make-up.


33-year-old Ladybeard aka Wu Sou Lui (real name Richard Magarey) is originally from Adelaide. He was a cross-dressing pro wrestler in Hong Kong and has been performing in Japan since 2013. Meanwhile, 24-year-old Reika Saiki is a member of Cheer♡1. She is well-known for her petite figure, cute appearance, and muscular physique.

What do you think of Deadlift Lolita? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

Sources: Koreaboo, Arama Japan.

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